Getting recruitment wrong can be costly and not just in financial terms. Using our work-style profiling as one of your vetting and selection tools will significantly reduce the risk of poor selection.

Our testing comes in two parts both adding to the quality and accuracy of the report delivered to you for full appraisal. The first part is based on well established profiling instraments and the second, our bespoke interpretations, based on a combination of proven data and your own specific needs.

Our profiling reports are all you’ll need for a more successful selection of your next superstar, while at the same time enabling you to manage the risk of failure. We believe our profiling tools should be adopted as the standard for good quality recruitment.

In the ideal world, our testing would be used for those who have already passed the initial vetting and perhaps even an initial interview. Once they are on your short list and have passed muster, then is an ideal time to profile. This will give you a detailed picture of what they are really like. We also include in the report a series of focused questions designed around the test results.

These allow you to test some of the more important findings in the report, for example strengths and weaknesses. Many of the questions are situational, requiring the candidate to refer to real situations they have experienced and how they were able, or not able to deal with the challenges.

For many years this kind of testing was not readily available and where it was the price was often prohibitive. With advances in technology tests are really available. Which while great news in general, brings with it its own set of challenges. In particular quality of interpretations and how to use the data. We believe that ASL has got the perfect balance of quality, accuracy and price!

Comprehensive Reports

Fully detailed sectioned reports covering all your key needs.


Very competitive pricing that won’t make a dent in your budget, with multi currency options.

Full Colour Graphs

Giving you simple to understand jargon free headlines based on your needs.

Full Support

Once you’ve got your report, full support is offered to ensure you get the very best results.


Suitable for any recruitment agency or search and selection business and just as viable for direct use by HR professionals who want to ensure they select with care. With a price that is truly sensible and competitive you can significantly reduce placement failure. Good news for HR and their companies and even better for recruitment agencies who want to stand out from the crowd!


Because of our pricing some agencies will include our service as a value add for those clients that need a little extra. We also offer a range of deals that are specific to the recruitment industry.

FOR HR MANAGERS & Business Leaders

Our testing doesn’t replace the great work you’re already doing, it adds to the suit of tools open to you, mitigating the risk of error still further. what is more the reports have other HR uses that will add to the benefits you experience.

Reports designed for your specific needs and specifications

We take care to ensure we understand the position and specific requirements, including motivational and emotional fit. This ensures our interpretations are truly fit for purpose.

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Making the right choice is all important, that is why you’re invited to have a free “No Strings” consultation to ensure suitability with your specific needs.


“I was sceptical to start with but have known Chris for some time. I should have known better the testing was quick and simple and the report was right on the money”

Barry Franks

Financial Planning