We have already pointed out that stress in the work-place is a serious issue and if prolonged can lead to other issues, for example human error. The cost to business is significant and therefore understanding the areas of risk in each individual  and how to prevent or manage those behaviours has a true value to business.

Our profiling and reporting can give you significant insights into the individual stress-triggers and how they will manifest into heightened risk of error.Helping to give you the power to make organisational adjustments or individual coaching to mitigate the risk.

Human Error-Traps


Individual traits will determine what we react to and how that reaction impacts on our work-style. Understanding this will give you the advantage, when predicting likely error situations.

Stress Touch-Points

Our profiling can identify for you the stress touch-points and also give accurate indications of how work-style can change when under prolonged stress, leading to human error.


Our reports can show you the comparison between normal work-style and how this will change in the individual who is placed in a situation where their personal stress-triggers are fired.


Once the stress touch-points have been identified along with the most likely changes in work-style, preventative actions can be taken.

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