Emotional Intelligence is probably the single most important indicator for individual and business success, that is why we place so much emphasis on it in all our work.

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be improved and developed, with careful coaching. The first and most important step is to understand existing levels of EI in the individual.

Our profiling will highlight the key elements that make up emotional intelligence and give you a map of where development is needed.

Emotional Intelligence

The components include Self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills

The Individual

Step one is to have a clear picture of the individuals basic personality type and work-style traits.


Our system of graphs can show you were the individual sits and where improvements are needed.

Full Reports

The full range of subjects our reports cover will give you all the information you need to develop levels of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence in business

Emotional Intelligence in business can provide you with the key to greater performance, success and a competitive edge needed for greater success.

  • Empower greater performance
  • Create the right culture and motivation
  • Change personal outcomes
  • Promote creativity in business
  • Enhance leadership development
  • Create better relationships and communication


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“I was sceptical to start with but have known Chris for some time. I should have known better the testing was quick and simple and the report was right on the money”

Barry Franks

Financial Planning