Our Persoanlity profiling is the ideal tool for understanding the personality landscape, the key traits with strengths and weaknesses. Giving you all you need to achieve your goals.

There is often more to promoting someone than just recognising their competence at their current level. There will be times when you need to ensure the candidates for a higher role have what it takes to hold down and excel at the new challenge you could be giving them.

The ASL Personality test and Profile is the ideal tool to give you full disclosure on their capability, strengths and weaknesses. It’s not so much about using the report to decide yes or no, but all about using the report to identify how you can assist them best to be the best they can be.

WHY USE Profiling ?

  • Identify Leadership Strengths
  • Identify Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand work-style traits
  • Develop bespoke plans to help your people grow

Being Prepared is Key

Development Plan

The more you understand your people, the ones ear-marked for promotion the better you can prepare them.

Leadership Qualities

Profiling will enable you to judge their leadership potential and build up weak areas.

Return On Investment

Investing in your people to maximise the return just makes good business sense.

Succession Planning

All great businesses spend the on succession and profiling is the cornerstone of effective succession.

Investment in Profiling is Investing in a secure future

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“I was sceptical to start with but have known Chris for some time. I should have known better the testing was quick and simple and the report was right on the money”

Barry Franks

Financial Planning