Executive Assessments can give you a significant advantage in all areas of your business. The more you understand about your executives the better you can influence results.

Our assessments have been used in a number of successful projects that range from reviewing new executive candidates looking for promotion, to assessments based on acquisition and merger projects. Our assessments reports can give you a detailed pen picture of the important elements that make great leaders, for example, emotional intelligence and natural leadership ability.




Before you make a major investment into a business we would always advise the use of executive assessments to investigate the strength of leadership.



Bringing two leadership teams together can sometimes be a challenge. With Executive assessments you can mange the transition more effectively.



Understanding the make-up of the leadership team during acquisition is a vital component in the success of the project. Many acquisitions fail to bear fruit for the lack of assessment.



When you are considering a candidate for a leadership promotion, be they external or internal the assessment can give you valuable data to help in decision making.



Leadership is a journey and learning a constant part of that journey. When it comes to development, understand your start point is vital to successful development programs.


Head Hunting

The appointment of new senior executives required more than simple CV and interview. Including a full executive assessment can help you to make a fully informed  decision .

Executive success in business will often come down to the capability of the individual to employ those all important soft skills that are collectively known as Emotional Intelligence.

Our assessment tools will enable you to get a clear picture of all the soft skills required for successful long-term leadership. Armed with this knowledge you can design coaching and mentoring to help enhance the skills your leadership team.

WHY Use Assessments ?

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Build strengths
  • Deal with weaknesses
  • Create cohesive leadership teams

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