Join me on LinkedIn – No strings…

The psychology behind successful businesses and organisations. Understanding and developing the human element is an area of business often overlooked. The more we understand our people, really know them, how they think, act, learn and make decisions; understand how they change under stress. The more we understand what their stress triggers are and how to deal with them, can make a significant difference to the success of the business and the individual too.

I started a group on LinkedIn designed to exchange and share ideas to help business professionals promote the development of their teams and individuals by understanding the latest thinking in Human and Organisational Psychology.

During my time in business (too many years to mention), not so much the early yeas but from my first serious CEO position I have constantly sought to understand the human element. The more I learnt through a combination of academic sources and coal-face experience, the more I became aware of the need for mainstream, jargon free access to the world of Organisational Behaviour and the development of human resources; helping individuals and organisations be the best they can be and empower the right kind of development.

The simple step of understanding your own human elements can have a significant impact on profits – not just words, it has been proven in tests by major experiments undertaken by the academic world of human psychology and industry in partnership.

My passion for this subject coupled with a real need for solutions for everyday business people, has resulted in the launch of this business, Animus Scisco, a Profiling and Organisational Behaviour consultancy, although affiliated to Animus Scisco this group on LinkedIn is designed to be a place to share intelligence, experience, ideas and enhance our collective learning of Organisational Behaviour and Human Psychology in the work-place.

My hope is that as the group expands we can arrange events to network, share and learn, both in and offline.