ASL 2016, a big year for profiling

We always knew that 2015 was going to be a big year for Animus Scisco but the real journey is only just beginning and we expect 2016 to be an even ‘bigger’ year for us, with the launch of our new services and not least the addition of our human error profiling system. Most of 2015 has been spent investing in the design and testing of this new system, and now after a significant number of completed test runs and reporting we are happy to announce the system is well and truly ready for multiple markets! This completes the full suite of profiling tools for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Having said that, never say never, we are already looking for the next generation of innovations.

Despite our specialisation being centred in the energy sector and in particular error-trap profiling, our port-folio has been designed and built to fit with a variety of needs, when it comes to understanding the human element of your organisation. At the core of our products we focus on what we see as the founding principles, these are:

  • People are and always will be fallible

  • People can make changes to their work-style behaviour when motivated to do so.

  • These changes can be both positive and negative

  • The way the organisation behaves and communicates will be a major influence on the individual

  • Good and bad behaviour can be reinforced by the organisation and individuals

  • Error-events are avoidable

We also know there is a proven foundation to the building blocks of error reduction and prevention and these are simply this:

  • Profiling key personnel and those most likely to be subjected to error-traps

  • Focus the profiling against those traps that are key to your organisation

  • Regular review and audit of the profile to monitor progress or regression

  • All-Level foundation and culture training

  • Full understanding of error-traps and their triggers

If you truly understand your people and their real personality profile with regard to work and working under stress; that is stress from internal and external sources. If you can work with their default work-style settings and understand how the traits of the individual change under given triggers and stress; if you understand how they think and make decisions in a variety of circumstances, then you can reduce and manage human error and increase performance (individual and team), morale, loyalty, reputation and with it brand value. Roll on 2016 its going to be some ride!

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