Chris BattenASL is the culmination of many frustrations experienced by Chris Batten when working with various businesses and people. Early on it became clear that there was a need to understand more about each individuals work-style, emotional intelligence, strengths and weaknesses and how to develop them. Typically profiling is used by few businesses,  mainly for recruitment. There are the forward thinkers and innovators who go further than anyone else, for example, Virgin Money.  ASL is on a mission to widen the use of these exceptionally valuable tools into more than recruitment, executive assessment, and selection. The broader uses that offer significant value to businesses include; sales skills development, leadership coaching, development, review, stress management, error projections and risk assessment and many more HR projects.

The power of work-style profiling, testing for those all important soft skills that combined are called emotional intelligence, and sales and leadership skills, can and does make a significant difference to any business or team. Profiling was first introduced to me during one of the biggest change management projects I have ever worked on. That was in late 2003. Since then profiling has been a constant feature of all my business projects, and now it is my mission to give all businesses not familiar with the advantages the same opportunity I had in 2003.

The design and building of ASL were, to be frank, inevitable. I was using the processes and tools in my business projects but was too close to see the potential of rolling the expertise and experience I had gained, out to other businesses.

That happened much later, it happened when I finally gave myself room to think about the full potential, coupled with my desire and passion for assisting other businesses to excel. The development of ASL was my “A-ha” moment and the result was a system that truly can benefit many businesses and business people serious about their human element.

The history of ASL, in the days before it was given its working title nearly, a full year was spent researching the market to ascertain the validity of my assessment that there is a need for this type of clean, clear and competitive profiling, a need that I had visualised as being key to all businesses.

In mid-2016, we completed the testing phase to ensure accuracy and relevance to the actual needs of the wider business c.ommunity

That phase is now well and truly completed and all that is left to do is to continue to market via a series of educational resources the ASL proposition to the business community at large, assisting those who have never considered profiling to allow us to introduce it and for those familiar with it to review our offering for suitability to their own needs.

In reality, our story has only just begun and it promises to be an exciting one. We have only just begun to scratch the surface of this useful science-based proposition. There is certainly more to learn, more to create and many innovative solutions to come. The journey and story continue…

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Business success is achieved by exceptional people, our business mission is all about developing people.


Our business is based in the desire to share success and the best way we know to do that is to share our experience and knowledge with you. Enabling you to make the right people oriented decisions.


When it came to designing our reports, we spent most of our design time with clients asking them to comment on and suggest changes that would give them the report they were looking for. This is a constant theme in our business.


Our journey doesn’t finish, we are constantly looking for innovations to keep us at the cutting edge of work-style profiling. Creative thinking is something we encourage internally and externally to keep us on track and ahead of the curve.

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