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There’s more to using our profiling than you may think; one day soon, all businesses will use profiling as a standard development tool, learn more about the range of uses…

Recruitment & Selection

Our profile reports concentrate on work-style traits, and as standard come with suggested interview questions, designed for your needs. Because making the right choices is all that matters.

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The continued development of your people is a vital component of business success. Make a difference to them and your business by investing in profiling to help you design focussed development programs that work for the individual.

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Taking on new leaders, joining teams, business acquisition, mergers and succession projects and other major changes, all benefit significantly from executives assessments.

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Understanding the individuals stress-triggrers and also how that impacts on their performance can give your business a significant advantage..

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Imagine the power of being able to predict the circumstances where error may occur and being able to mitigate the risk or even prevent it.

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The variety of soft skills that collectively make up emotional intelligence are all covered in our standard work-style profiling.

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The ASL Story

ASL has been carefully designed to make sophisticated profiling and accurate interpretations accessible, valued and easy to use, for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Originally designed for work-style and risk profiling for the energy sector, ASL now has versions for a wide range of uses and industries.

Although suitable for the wider market, ASL continues to be committed to their specialist areas of sales profiling, financial services, technology and specialist HR usage. ASL is a must-have tool for businesses serious about their people and development.

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